Childcare and Developmental Fund

All of us have had the opportunity to work with patients and parents who depend on having quality daycare available during the day in order to be able to work and provide for their families. The child care and developmental fund was established in 1998 in order to help these families, as well as to provide standards for the quality of care that children receive in these facilities. In 2014, this fund is up to be reauthorized with some important additions. The senate has passed the legislation and it is now in the house for approval.

This fund has allowed for about 1.7 million children to have access to subsidized child care. It has been an important tool in providing care to these kids, however this update provides some much needed additions.

1. This would ensure that low income families continued to have access to high quality child care.

2. It would also increase the requirements of these facilities, to ensure the safety of kids while in care

3. It would allow for improved continuity of care over time

4. It would encourage family involvement and education as part of the child care environment.

5. It would increase the emphasis on early childhood development in these facilities.

While having access to care has been a great part of this fund since it was started, nearly 20% of the child care institutions are not subject to state-licensure requirements. A number of them also are not trained in recognizing and understanding child development and the important role they play in this while caring for the children. It is important for us to emphasize to our legislature that childcare environments need to be a safe place for children and that they play an essential role in setting them up for a successful future.

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Mathew Stokes, MD


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