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Key Facts About Poverty in Dallas, TX




Source: Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty. Aug 20, 2014 Council Briefing

Key Facts About Poverty in Texas








Source: Center for Public Policy Priorities (

AAP FACE Poverty Campaign


This year’s annual advocacy campaign for the AAP Section on Medical Students, Residents and Fellowship Trainees (SOMSRFT) is entitled FACE Poverty.

Poverty (defined as an annual income of $23,850 or less for a family of 4) is a significant determinant of child health.

Children living in poverty are at high risk for poor educational outcomes (poor academic achievement, higher rates of high school dropout), high risk behavior (early unprotected sex, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, criminal behavior) and increased exposure to “toxic stress” with subsequent negative physiologic and developmental effects.

Children living in poverty also have reduced access to healthcare, higher rates of infant mortality, greater risk of developmental delay, asthma, obesity, abuse and neglect.

22% of US Children live in poverty today!

The FACE Poverty Campaign focuses on four areas related to poverty and child health

F: Food Security

A: Access to Health Care

C: Community

E: Education

Please stay tuned to this section to see how you as a resident, fellow, or practicing pediatrician can get involved in addressing child poverty.

Visit the AAP SOMSRFT website on this year’s FACE Poverty Campaign for a wealth of resources:

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