Firearm Injuries and Deaths in Children and Adolescents – A Call to Action

Just as pediatricians discuss poison prevention or using car safety restraints, we must also counsel patient-families on prevention of firearm-related injuries and deaths.  Pediatricians are in a unique position to provide anticipatory guidance to families about ways to keep children safe from firearms, particularly in light of the threat which children face from guns.   (more…)


Distracted driving puts newly licensed teens at risk

A study published in the January 2014 New England Journal of Medicine showed that new teen drivers are significantly more likely than adults to be involved in a crash or near miss when distracted by a cell phone (dialing, texting, reaching for a phone or other object), eating, or looking at a roadside object. This study is in line with previous research involving experienced drivers indicating that cell phone use is associated with a 4x increase in the risk of a crash. (more…)