Transforming the Lives of Children with Asthma

Asthma continues to be a major public health concern affecting 26.5 million Americans nationwide.  Currently, it is the most common chronic condition among children with approximately 6.1 million children under the age of 18 diagnosed with asthma, and the third leading cause of hospitalizations in children. Asthma also has a significant financial impact, as it is currently responsible for an annual expenditure of $50.3 billion in healthcare costs and leads to numerous missed school and work days approximating $3 billion.  Fortunately, asthma symptoms and costs can be controlled when affected individuals have access to appropriate care and education.  Therefore, there is an increasing need to provide proper asthma education to patients and their families in order to prevent recurrent ER visits, hospitalizations, and even death.  (more…)


Air Quality and Asthma

As bronchiolitis season finally abates, asthma regains its primary place as the most common respiratory complaint at CMC Dallas ED. While we carefully educate patients and their families about preventative measures and ways to alter the home environment to prevent asthma exacerbations, the environment outside of the home is not so easily altered and can have an enormous impact on patient health. Air quality in particular is beyond the patient and the family’s control, and yet it significantly impacts an asthmatic’s ability to breathe. (more…)