early education

Giving our patients a HEAD START!

Head Start began in 1965 with the aim to provide children from low income families with skills to be ready for and to succeed in kindergarten and in life. It now serves nearly 1 million children from birth to age 5 years with comprehensive early learning services in classrooms, home-based programs and family child care partners. Pediatricians should promote Head Start in patient visits and through advocacy efforts at local, state and federal levels. (more…)


Obama Calls for “Preschool For All”

In his recent State of the Union Address, Obama recapitulated his plan for implementation of the “Preschool for All Initiative.” This initiative aims to widen access to preschool throughout the nation while also improving the quality of the education. The initiative especially focuses on providing preschool access to low-moderate income families who have typically otherwise found access to such education challenging, with the hope of improving future opportunities for these children regardless of background. Additionally, there will be a focus to provide early education to additional children from middle class backgrounds and to expand availability of full-day kindergarten. (more…)